Electronic Engineering

Build Your Own PC

Build Your Own PC - CRN:18420

This module runs in the second semester (February to May)

Level 6 Free choice Module

In this module students learn about personal computer hardware and then get to select the components for their ideal computer, order them and finally assemble and test the finished machine. If you buy the parts then naturally you get to keep the finished computer. You do not have to spend a fortune to buy the parts for a computer with a reasonable specification and the experience gained is invaluable.

In addition to the above, lots of practical skills are developed in areas such as PC maintenance, setting up and repairing operating systems, networking, disaster recovery, RAID, data backup and virus removal. There is no need to have a computing background. Students from any course will find this module both fun and educational.


TIME: 4 hours computer lab, 3 hours independent learning

ASSESSMENT: 100% coursework consisting of Multiple choice exam: 20%, Report: 30%, Continuous Assessment of Lab Performance: 50%

Usually runs in the second semester (after Christmas) as a free choice course. Check with the electronics department for more details.

CRN:    18420


Here are some photographs taken at the end of this module.

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